Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Well it's been quite awhile.

I gotta say lots of stuff happened. My granny had been hospitalized for 2plus weeks and had passed away on May30.

Everyone were grieving and we held her funeral for a week. It's was a sudden one, no one expected it. It was hard, but I thank those who came down to offer their last respect to her. I also thank my friends who came down and also who were there for me.

Through these period of time, it's only clear to us to know that who in the family is actually family.

During the whole week it was really tiring and it was a mentally challenging, staying up from mid noon till the next mid morning.

From folding offering papers to sending her to her burial ground, was a mind gruesomely pain in the heart, no one was ready.

Granny had actually got everything ready for her own funeral, from coins, and all other procedures she wanted was told to my second aunt.

I always believed that she would live on longer and didn't think too much if she were to passed away, what sort.

So, 49 days of mourning. The second seven was Mother's Day. No celebration, but mom made lamb steak. Afterwards, it'd be Father's Day. They say granny is a genius. So no celebration.

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