Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Catching up.

Live wisely. Live to the fullest.
Motivation comes from within and laziness is build upon. Choose wisely your next move and don't regret that path.

It's been another tough week. Taking the night shifts since last night and now, with only 3.5hr of sleep which would not be enough when you're sleep deprived for two days.

Nd yes, I chat up with a friend and was glad that I was able to chat for awhile.. Morning sunrise was a beauty, but hardly any of you would notice it unknowingly due to the busy hectic lifestyle. Take a moment, listen to yourself breathing, squinting your eyes to look out for tiny stars trying to make it's light waves into earth from outside. How long have you even look at something by taking notes of the details on it?

Side note, met up with Syahmah at SP for lunch and Debby came over, afterwards they bring me around and we met up with Xh, Naufal at the library. Then we all head home together with FQ. Thanks Syahmah for her Cheese Duck pull over. LOVE IT!

Till then,
I'd probably be sleeping like a dead log tomorrow afternoon.

PS. FUCKYEAH TO REIDY! WHO FOLLOWED MY IG. FUCK YES. Alright. I'm done. (It's been 3days, nd I'm still so stroked about it) *happy tappidy dance*

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