Monday, 20 May 2013

Exercise Regime!

Hey readers! Today I went all out and did my 1000calories workout for the first time, over about one and half hour of cardio exercise with strengthening and core workouts, which were like phewww! 
* wiping sweat nonstop

 It wasn't easy since I was exercising on and off, as I too am busy with my own "personal life" Easier said than done! My exercising mood is only turned on when it's a nice(not hot) weather. So my only excuse to not run when it's a blazing hot weather outside by 5-6pm.

 Anyways, I am trying out my sister's HERBALIFE formula 1 drink for a week and see if it's doing any good. Right now after exercising like a mad person, I'm going to have a go at it now. 

 Btw, if you are reading this, this is SIGN,cause I am telling you to start exercising
Get the heart moving! 
Only you are responsible for your own health!
 If you are lacking in the motivation to start, get a friend to join you along! Or else if you have any social media accounts like Instagram or Twitter, follow fitness /motivating quotes accounts!

 If all else fails, you should try this with me, every time you see a photo/quotes/videos or anything related to fitness, you are obligated to exercise. 
No excuse for you for the next time to say tomorrow because if you have time to be on your device, you will have time for exercise even if it's for merely 10minutes!

Good luck, stay healthy! 

The next day which is today, I literally did lost 1000calories, believe it or not, it worked and with a good exercise regime and a good diet , all else works! ONLY if you truly trust yourself that you can do it ! 

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