Thursday, 11 July 2013

First day

Isn't that the cutest uniform shirt?! 
P.s I'm fairly annoyed with my skin tone right now because of tank top tan lines. Not cool

9th July was my first day at work. Pretty tense about it but it was just a passing feeling. Came in at 10am and was greeted by Sean with his air conditioner filters. I got a little uncomfortable since it's first day, new environment and all sorts but I myself familiar with the work when BH came over, she offered to trained me , which was why I was there at 10 instead of 1030. I got a little overwhelmed with the first wave of sudden customers coming in one by one and I panicked a little, but slowly I got accustomed to the way of working behind the counters really quickly because Sean and BH was there and they kept on saying don't be shy with questions. I literally asked tons of questions.

Time passed really quickly and it was already past noon, I was fed by Sean with his favorite three layered pork,Aaron (the chef in the kitchen) made fries and BH made me a really delicious Ice latte. They also told me many stories and I was really amused by them a lot. They were really funny and cranky at the same time. 

 It was about 920 another set of big wave of customers who came in when we were closing at 930. BH settled them while I settle the dishes. It was about 10 when the last customer left. I quickly washed and clean the dishes and ate dinner/supper (1st meal for the day) and we talked a lot. Many stuffs I wouldn't tell you cause it's company secrets. Hahah! By the time we were officially done it was about 1130, and Sean was nice to offer me back home, and I have to say he has really excellent choice of music that I would love to listen to! 


I am dying to go back to work because I don't want to stay home any longer than I had been for the past close to 8months.   I really can't wait for sunday to quickly come or maybe suddenly someone who had called in sick and needs a replacement or something.. I'm literally dying for some action! It's been a while since I love a job so much and I'd even look forward to it! *prays for miracles*

What the hell am I doing. 

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