Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Oakley Bali Pro 2013

Currently this week : Oakley Bali Pro 2013 and trying to get my CV done.

  • Jordy lost.
  • Jordy became bald.
  • Kelly lost.
  • Josh kerr was up to his game.
  • Mick fanning won Fred P. which made me really happy for Mick.
  • John John Florence is getting a lot better and getting a lot of notice from the big ones.  ( after his perfect 10 big air i guess)
  • KELLY VS JJF VS Josh Kerr ( Josh won, which made kelly a little upset and he was in round 5)
  • Parko and his prefect 20 point heat score (INSANE)
  • Mick was such a badass at the countdown of 30 seconds as everyone just went up to him for photos and autographs after he rode the wave which brought him back to shore)
  • Freddy P was mad
  • Freddy P was mad
  • Did i mention how mad he was? HAHA.
  • This WCT is freaking crazy.

Tomorrow will be really intense.
 Also it will be another battle to wake up 730/8am to watch.

This competion is making me insane. TOO MUCH FEELINGS INSERTED WHILE WATCHING.

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