Thursday, 4 July 2013

I miss that feeling

I have a very unusual friendship with a guy. He is no one that you'd know unless I've told you about him before. He's not someone about my age. Neither he is someone that belongs to my nationality but we are from the same race. 

This friendship has been has been ongoing since 2009. Even myself can't comprehend this. Let me tell you a story, but I won't go into details. 

This friend I've known so long was once my crush. An admiration to his moral character although sometimes what he does do irks me at times. I love hanging out with him when we are in the same place, love talking to him because he was funny and it was fun entertaining someone somewhere else. Sometimes it's fun to go out and chill out with him. He tells me so much stories and lessons to life. He was the one person that I took quite a lot of efforts to befriend him for a 14year old girl. 

In times of trouble, turning to him for advice is the most satisfying thing to do because with age comes wisdom I guess.. 

He once made me deal a really hard decision that was one of the most hurtful event, and till this day I am still thankful, and most part of me had moved on.

So today, I was in a really bad situation and seemed help from him. As usual he'd give me a very comforting advice, it isn't like a advice that will make you feel bad or blame about yourself for it. 

What's funnier is today he cheered me up even though I didn't say anything. 

What makes me happy is when someone chose to spare some time to cheer me up, making me laugh and shy and feel shitty for my language while talking to him. I remembered when someone last sang to me, it felt nice but because I asked that someone to do it..  But this friend of mine who sang to me, felt really nice because it was a sincere one. Even sending me his goofy photos, and always annoying me by asking me if he's handsome.

I am sharing this with you because it's been very long since someone spared some time for me to do something for me. 

It's hard to say the friends are reliable these days because they too have their own life and their friends to be accountable for. Even for the friendship, that I've recovered isn't the same as before, I may not say it, but I see, I understand, and on the road of independence,it's tough to survive on your own. 

So once in awhile, please do share some concerns to your dear friends even though they don't ask anything. All I ask as a friend is to be honest, truthful and caring. 

Happy 4th of July!

With Gratitude,

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