Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Another week has flew. Of course you'd know since it's just a week, but counting back the days that you've spend this year, it isn't just a week already huh!It's been awhile since I last met my good friend S. We went down to eat sushi and coffee bean to chill and hangout.

 A impromptu decision to head for a family lunch with my aunt was a story I think we all can't forget. Dad and Brother were having their usual argument in the car arguing on the tone and the way brother responded to dad's question. Sis had to talk to my brother to talk some sense into him until we reached our destination. We ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant, and got ourselves Erdinger for my elder sister and I, lemon mojito for aunt, lime one for mum and another beer for brother. Alcohol consumption wasn't a big issue with the family especially my parents. It was the time of my life because I was really craving for Mexican for a very long time. Then the food came which was awesome.

It was all well until aunt figured out that she couldn't drink alcoholic drink due to her bad kidney. We weren't aware until her body decided to react violently and started getting a hangover. She went all weak and started vomiting for a while. Obviously everyone panicked! Luckily Sis was quick and she took care, although the vomit was revolting and the moment the pungent smell is up in the nose, you immediately would love to also join her. Luckily the eatery wasn't packed with customers. There were just a few sitting away from us except the store owner which was very, EXCEPTIONALLY helpful and gave assistance, not forgetting this lady working there too. My family too would feel bad to them too, since.. you know..

So everyone split up and worked together. Mum, brother and little sister went down to the mall to purchase some clean clothings, while my sister,dad and I stayed to look after,thereafter brother left to meet his friends. Then it wasn't long till the next elapse. This time it was the last elapse. I don't know if you know how it feels to have a really bad hangover, where you would be so weak to move, head spinning and everything will just come out of the body system.

We cleaned up the spew and quickly head to the nearest toilet which is at the hotel. Well the eatery is within the hotel.. Sister cleaned aunt up while we all waited. It took about 2hours approximately for this episode to be over. Afterwards we drove her back home, mum and sis went up with her and tucked her into her bed.

It was quite some time of waiting in the car, a little tired from finishing almost the whole bottle of beer that my  sister refuse to finish, I fell asleep soundly at the back of the car. Subsequently, sis got dad to drop her off as she heads to meet up her boyfriend. It was only my parents, my little sister and I in the car.

Mum suggested that we head to JEM. (A new mall that is supposedly the next big hit with the west side residents since travelling to town is always an hour distance away by train)We caught the weekend jam.
Everyone else were fine with the decision and off we went.
It wasn't much of a excitement considering I've been there already with my friend. It took about 2 hours walking and shopping in the mall when our tummies were hungry. 

We quickly got to our car and drove to dad's workplace nearby to eat some porridge. Food was delicious and we were happy.


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