Friday, 15 February 2013

Yes sir! You're one of a kind!

Spend time with Ace on NYE and CNY.
Afterwards C2 went visiting,wore my new topshop rose print sewn on knitwear for a good rainy cold weather .. And yesterday was pretty annoying because I really want to cut my hair and I visualize myself and drew that and another illustration of a lady from tumblr. Then it was bed at 6am.

Today went to CONVERSE to buy my high cut sneakers!!! My first pair from my entire life because of certain reasons. Not $ issue! Then.. It's V day. The gang were in Forever alone mode but I wasn't. I went on a date with black clothes from head to toe~ it made me quite excited actually! But because I was going to visit my aunt, so I decided to add a pop of color. What's more , I drew on the bus! Hehe! It's referred from the walking dead. Well, my quick version of it. I need to draw more for my portfolio. Fuck portfolio class on Saturday! Later is such a busy day.. I'll be meeting the NEAmb,collecting my pay and meeting Aron. Luckily there isn't detal appt or else I'd really die.

Happy Valentine's day lovelies! :3

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