Monday, 25 February 2013

Love at first sight

Alright, a lot of things had happened for the past two weeks. And without furthur ado pictures are a summary,and it's really insanity of me to purchase a really expensive satin material shirt from revasseur which is $109, and with two nail stickers one from gvgv ss 2013 insects print and from my all time favorite chocomoo..
Afterwards my 4 day workshop has finally ended yesterday. It felt good but however I think it could be longer a bit more.. However I really like it when I received good comments from my lectures Adeline and Dyn... And probably a few from my classmates. I think it went all well.
She even recommended me to take fine arts instead, since she has viewed my work in her point of view as a teacher and her profession.. I also like it when they laugh, it makes the whole atmosphere lighter.. Made a lot of friends there too.

Went down to meet Sivvin too after class. Walked about then we decided to head to The Cathay to look at the cosplayers for J Obsession 2013. It was good good good until this guy.. Dressed in a orange jumper with bleached white spiked hair and a plaster on his nose bridge.. He really led a really deep impression on me. And he was really really good looking.. He looked somewhere around my age.. Also I saw Reiyuki cosplaying as Sai from Naruto. He was also another hottie , especially his side view. I couldn't maintain myself.

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