Monday, 21 January 2013

ばか者; FOOL

Sometimes, to be there for your friends.. You don't really have to do anything. All s/he needs is time. Just spare some time will do and just do something with your friend.
I learn that sometimes giving advice or comments is just adding fuel to the fire, especially when you're not a level headed person. Why not just let the person decide their solution on their own like I've always tell my friends who seek some advices from me.. I learned that no matter what decision you make is a important lesson for you to learn from it, be it good or bad. (Why give advices when you weren't situated in the same plight.. )

I realize that if the person if really frustrated, sometimes talking about it will be better. Ironically sometimes it'd just fury the person more because s/he is not listening to their problems but hiding from the truth.

When a person is ready to talk, s/he'll talk. When not ready, just keep her company and occupied. But also remind her the reason why you guys are here today and let them figure out something themselves.

If matters really can't be solved, well the get angry! Cry if they need to, just vent your emotions and breathe. And just say, "FUCK IT!" There's nothing I can do and either I figure out something to do about it or just leave it.

But for every decision you make, you must not be hiding from it but facing the problem with confidence , head held high.

By then everything doesn't matter, all it matters is the being happy after dealing with your sorrows/frustrations.

Giving unnecessary comments is the dumbest shit stunt to do if you don't know what's going on or having nothing to say. Just zip it and listen.

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