Monday, 7 October 2013


I should be doing my homework instead of typing this post, but I have a lot going through my mind right now. Why you'd ask? It's because I'm thinking about something,(someone)
There's something about this green palm tree hair..
 But I can't possibly figure out why. (LOL, I know why, because I love you)
Maybe there's something about it that's imprinted onto me, like how Jacob from Twilight has imprinted unto Bella's baby girl.

For some reason, it'd has caught me thinking and thinking and thinking non-stop. (MISSING YOU)

A random thought about Love. This really delicate, yet scary looking piece of heart that you can't possibly define it.

I always thought that love would be be a "pie" with a cherry on top. However it's not what it looks in the end that matters, but the process instead.

No matter how much you want a pretty pie, it's all about the process.

Love is never easy. It's harder than math formulas and tricker than science. But if you manage to figure it out, it's all worth while.

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