Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Three weeks

About three weeks ago,
So hungry! Beckyyyyyyy was damn adorable! She made a smiley face for me! 

New book to read, and am still reading

Last week, I brought Kaili to Windowsill Pies for lunch, as I was literally sleep deprived. One ice latte, hot latte, pecan and banana pie at one shot. Kaili had kbp and ice latte! Glad she that like it! Sean kopiart

Wednesday ODPG. Was suppose to do hmk there, but end up frying pork buns

Aaron so kind and nice to me, one piece of orange slice

Was waiting for my bus at about 1230, got home at 1am.. 

Saturday down to wsp to fix luci and luca and Mager before heading to dental then kinokuniya where I spend 3~4hours just there in my world. 
This , is BAD #ruinmoodonly


HAUL. I can't imagine that I literally bought Hi Fructose and John green's LOA.

Half SL Floop on Sunday, not cool. #wanttosmashmyhead

This week Monday: Mr Picklechips! Half coffee training, half spring clean
Went down to mani to try their coffee, afterwards to Tampopo,and their ramen was rather good. Then bought fruit drop candy and gummies

PS class on Wednesday :  beagle dogggeh

So kind of Ellybellyjillyjallysillysallydillydally to lend me her La Sardina, john green's TFIOS on Thursday! 

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