Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Monday is the new Sunday

Monday : 5th August 2013

It was a pretty bad morning. Yesterday I was working full shift with a really massive wave of customers flocking in one by one until it was literally full house and dishes couldn't be done. The dishes were cluttered all over the counter and tables were a little uncleared and water&cups we running low, but thanks to Charlotte who came in and also Abel and Wai Leong who stepped in to help the massive chaos with me,Sean and Baohui behind the counters. 
I was pretty happy with myself yet a little disappointed too with my coffee service memory for chai.. But a time like this goes a long way, it literally had my confidence level up up up. We had our pies sold out! Which is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! 
It was also Bao's last day then it'd be her massive long 2 weeks of break. I did a massive spring cleaning behind the counter and ate supper with Sean and Abel. We were literally hungry especially me and Sean; Big plate of fried rice,tofu and omelette. OMNOMNOM.. Till about 1130 then Sean send me home and it's still interesting taking rides home because of the conversations.. And so by the time I done washing up.. It was already midnight, and I was checking my phone until I literally just doze of unknowingly and my phone died, leaving me with no alarm clock. Mumisey work me up at 730 and I was 10mins late to school.. So had like orientation and movie screening of army daze and then left to Sean's PBP! It's really fun because the wsp team has never sat down and chat together without any interruptions from customers and we talked so much, it's so funny.. Also happy to help out with the shop stuffs and generally happy that my sister loves the pork buns too.. ^^

Abel and Wai Leong!

Stump stump party

Pesto pesto !!

Happy advance birthday wish to Annielazer! 


Come on down to 78 Horne Rd especially on 8-11 august!

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