Sunday, 21 July 2013

Green event

Breakfast with dad!
Acne green event : yutakis and miyake came as they were the event judges for the top 20 ulzzzang best face event. (Just click onto yutakis , it's a summary of today's event)
{Not bothered to edit; freebie not inclusive ribbon[from BH]}

Chaotic service, but not much of a problem..
Oh well. A 13hour shift came quickly. 
Wantan mee supper is so good. 
Leg cramp, blister and left leg is burned out so badly. 

Oh 1st try on Ice chai latte's verdict : too much milk. 

Tomorrow's shift should.. Be fun. 
Today I'm just too tired to talk throughout the rest of the night..
Can't wait to eat my KFC brekkie after a long time..

SKKK's birthday already. 21:7

Working is fun.
Meeting different groups of people is fun.
It's fun seeing people going fat over our food.
Sobs sobs to people who didn't even touch the drinks or food we served. 

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