Monday, 29 July 2013

29 July 2013

Practice attempt:

Favourite drink! Hot milk with sugar syrup!
Today's weather on the drive down to work with boss was great with awesome tracks played down the empty road at about 9am.. Getting some sun in the morning would be a great thing to keep you awake.. 

Staff dinner made by Abel Su! It's so good! He's so nice and takes care of us so well..

Today was really a tough day. 

I was on the phone with a customer who made a pre take away order to be collected later at 6pm, and it was really nice to talk to him because I felt the sense of confidence while introducing the pies and I wondered how'd he look like, so I was a little excited. It was like meeting a person you only had talked on the phone..He requested that I'd write down the names of the pie so he won't get confused for a first timer, so I did a little extra and wrote everything to introduce it to him in a cutesy way..  It was so busy I didn't even realized what time it was already, and BH called me, only then I realized Andrik came and we met. He's really good looking and he looks really smart with a classic white collar tee and a spectacles on, what's more he's really tall too! While made me happy a little because it was just nice when I tidied by hair up from the toilet and so I was presentable! We chat A LITTLE, because Sean was talked to him.. Hahahaha! 

Also, I remember this Caucasian customer who came by and chat with him a little.. Along with the last two lady customers who were really nice and funny, when they wanted to buy our store shirts. 

Confidence is building during each shift but with confidence comes with a bag of pressure for yourself to exceed your potential. For they say, the only person you could compete is yourself and that's the way you can only improve. Strive for the best. 

Note : I must never jokingly blame others for the problems, for I am part of the reason why I didn't solve it in the first place. Don't be a bitch, and blame others.. 

Lesson for today :
 Think thrice.
 Step up.

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