Friday, 5 April 2013

Surfs up

I guess recently I have a extreme obsession with surfing ever since I started watching Bondi Rescue.
What's more I have also have taken the fancy of a few lifeguards there too. It started out with Maxi (Maxwell) when I watched on the telly, but I started from season 1 then it was Reidy (Andrew Reid), and I am still literally in love with him. His teenage squeaky voice matches his cutesy face so well, especially when he smiles and all his wrinkle lines would form, and it's just so appealing. It's like he look like a teenage boy that never grew. However there's also other lifeguards I adore as well. I love them for what they do everyday, saving many innocent lives from being engulfed by the big ocean,or getting hurt from crashing into the flat rocks. I am extremely thankful for people doing what they do best in their job to help people.
Long story cut short, I've been checking out surfing sites, checking out photographs or better videos, and I would say I have been rewarded. I am happy to say I am seriously hooked to reading Aquabumps. You guys should totally check out Uge's great photography skills, it has seriously made me fall in love with the beauty of Bondi,the surfers. Trust me,You'd be HOOKED WITH HIS PHOTOGRAPHS AND VIDEOS
What's more could you ask?

So what do you think? 

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