Sunday, 3 March 2013

Mind over body

Last night wasn't really a good night for me. After what Bega did and he scared me a lot the whole night making me so worried I was blabbering vulgarities and trying to keep calm. So I ended up calling him and yes this time I'm sure I hadn't had a Skype call conversation with Soso and him. I got bit wee annoyed and literally want to jump out of my bed and just catc a plane to get that ass home already. After the call, I thought I'd feel better and be able to fall asleep, but NO. I couldn't, tossed and turned trying to sleep, but still to no avail, and with my little sister's alarm ringing from 3am till 9am NONSTOP. And till then I was then able to fall asleep at 10am and mum was getting me off the bed at 1330.. I bathe to freshened up and got nagged behind my back by my brother saying I must be still asleep because it was going 3plus. Jackass.
I'm so tired, I need to sleep right now. Good nap.

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