Thursday, 17 January 2013

Have you ever wonder

How many people have the least appreciation for old films? It's hard to know now, because hardly anyone I know watches them. Perhaps it's not up to their standard due to the difference we speak with English back then and till now. Hardly anyone you see here speaks real good English. It's easy to spot a person's nationality with one's accent, in a positive and negative way. I confess I'm not up to a standard where I can speak comfortably, but I'm learning, as I speak right now. It is the basic respect for your mother tongue language, isn't it right to at least enunciate the words decently?

English, my darlings is the beauty of the holder, it's what that makes you stand out for the person you are. We surely don't want people speaking gibberish that could possibly harm the ears.
English, darling. What's hard about it, if you can throw away the bad speaking habits for the better. Surely speaking is a easy for you with your way but what's in it for the listener? Horrible screeching sounds from blackboard from using your nails that is.

To cut it short, majority of Singaporean english sucks. There's no doubt about it.
It includes me but I'm learning.

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