Monday, 31 December 2012

Another beginning of a new era

I am thankful for my lovely friends who have been there with me even though we had our ups and downs. This year I hope it's all good and next year it'd be better. Best wishes, and I love you all boys and girls; those that I know.

This year has ended with a bang. I enjoyed my year, even though some stuffs happened. But ultimately, I'm actually grateful to meet Sandino,Soso,Sivvin,Debby,Xinhui,Xinni,symphony,Syahmah,Kai jun, Shang ,Leah ,Naim ,Claire ,Grace,Naufal,Tse yang ,Roy,Jolie,liyan,Edmund,yuxun,Aron,Aaron Ng,hakim,Ashiq,Karthik,Gordon,Giorgio,Gideon,Syafiq,Amirul,Huzaifah,Woh Ching, Chahidah,Dwi,Eugene,Gladys,nuay,mr tan kc,HC,Jia Qian,Yubing, Peng Lun,Shuo Yu, Sam eng,Sarah,Yu ting, Yu kang,Jeff,Melvin tay,regina soh,mrs Lynette Ng,mrs Teng,MDM HO!

Yes I named everyone of you that has impacted seriously hard in my life. So hard, even the photos I posted up had already been uploaded in my
Brain's YouTube page. I won't forget you guys, and I hope to see you all soon again.

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